Learn Testing

Test-driven development, or TDD, is the practice of writing your tests firsts, then using those tests to guide you as you write your actual production code. This may sound crazy, but it turns out that it makes writing code much easier. It provides a clear workflow and next steps while you're building and has the added benefit of producing a test suite you can have confidence in. With these courses and videos we'll teach you everything you need to know to get started with TDD.

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Test Doubles

Learn to use stubs, mocks, spies, and fakes with RSpec.

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Testing Fundamentals

So you want to get started with Ruby testing. All the cool kids are doing it. Seriously though, testing is fundamental. In this course of tutorials you’ll learn methods for improving code quality and minimizing time required to add new features to software by ensuring that each facet of the program works as expected.

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Test-Driven Rails

Learn Test-Driven Rails Development using RSpec and Capybara in this series of tutorials. As part of the course, you can follow along with Josh as he lets his test drive through each of the steps needed to build out an application

Fundamentals of TDD

You've heard about testing, and even better "Test-Driven Development", but you're still not sure exactly what they are. You'll learn about the benefits of testing, the way testing first applies positive design pressure to your code, and how to apply TDD to your own development.