We've learned a ton from blog posts, tweets, and newsletters from others in the community. We try to always give back.



Our blog is yet to be called.

We are creating valuable content for the community, we will go live really soon.



We track our ongoing experiments in a "Research" Trello board.

We rigorously conduct experiments on new tools and techniques. Once an experiment has concluded we try to share the results in the appropriate channels. That may be our Playbook, or elsewhere.


Open Source

Got an idea for a new library? Found something useful in a client project that you think is reusable? Great! Some guidelines:

  • Extractions are likely to be more useful than Brave New World ideas, because you're extracting something that has already proven useful once.
  • If you create a new library, you're expected to lead it, at least for the beginning of its life. Make sure you have time to maintain it.
  • Try not to duplicate something that's already been done well. Look around to make sure your problem hasn't already been solved.
  • Fixing bugs that affect client projects or introducing small features that would really help a client project is fine during client time. Most open source work should be conducted during investment time.
  • Think about whether your idea makes more sense as a pull request to an existing project.

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