We've carved out part of our software consulting organization to create a team allocated to smaller tasks like: small application changes, bug fixes, best practice enforcement, security upgrades, and library modernization. Our team also provides ongoing development consultation including best- practice advice to our clients and their technical teams.


How does it work?

We charge monthly for a retainer of 32 or 64 hours of our time. If you don't use the time for a month, you will lose it — but if you need more time, we bill you for another increment.

The smaller minimum time commitment allows us to work on projects where controlling the spending rate is more important than the overall budget or maximizing the results of a short-term burst of effort.


Who is this for?

We believe this approach is best for:

  • Our "normal" consulting clients, whose engagements can now extend further.

  • Development groups that maintain internal products which need a hand keeping their apps running and up to date.

  • Businesses running functioning web apps or in "maintenance mode" which don't need constant development.

  • Teams that are seeking to level up their skills or processes by bringing in an external opinion.


What kind of contact do I have with the team?

The team is available to you during business hours via chat, email, and phone. Since we are not staffing someone full time on your project, the response time may be slower than it otherwise would be.


How do I start?

Please contact us if you're interested or have any questions. We will review your codebase and talk through how we work before getting started.

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