Marketing Glossary


A/B Test

Happens when two different versions of a page with the same objective are made to evaluate which have a better result in front of the users.


Every word means one step in the process of conversion: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. This is a human role in action from the direct action of marketing is in focus does result.

Advisory pre-sale

The pre-sale advisory is a process aimed at generating qualified leads. In this type of process, the Pre-Sales Consultant maps the market and leads in order to open qualified opportunities. To do so, it takes into account pre-determined criteria.


Google's advertising service, where businesses can make ads that appear on the search results pages.


It happens when the actions of digital marketing are done automatically to optimize the work and allow greater results in a short time. The term is widely used to define the context of triggering a sequence of emails to a specific audience, depending on the behavior of each.


A business-to-business expression is a denomination of service exchanged between companies, from company to company.


A business-to-consumer expression is a service denomination established between a company and a consumer.


A competitive and market process for the incorporation of good practices or the improvement of the methods that are necessary for the company. The best performances on the market, such as your own competition and other industry companies, as a purpose to optimize your own processes.

Black Hat

These are unethical SEO practices used to improve the positioning of a particular site within Google's searches.


The "Storm of Ideas" and a Group Dynamics that saw Exploring a creative potential of the individuals involved for the Resolution of a Pre-Determined Problem, for the Creation of a Planning OR for the Development of New Ideas and Projects, Example POR . One technique proposes that the assembled people expose their thoughts so they can reach a common denominator. The idea should be dismissed or judged as right or absurd and should be included in the resolution of the process, so that a final solution is chosen.


It is the set of strategic actions that contribute to the positioning and perception of the value of the brand of a company in its own consumers.


The set of information, data, and instructions necessary for a job to run.


In translation, the term means budget. Campaign, marketing or customer budget are some of the applications he can have on a daily basis.


Cost per acquisition is also a form of billing, however, it is based on the conversions made.


Cost-per-click is a form of charging paid ads that are made on Google or Facebook.


Acronym for Customer Relationship Management, a set of Programs and Tools That allow a Company to Track in an organized way All Actions That it has made with each of its Customers and Potential Consumers.


Acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization. CRO strategies are focused on increasing conversion within a company's website for visitors to become customers.


Call To Action, which in the literal translation would mean "call to action", is a past command that takes the user to perform certain action. It can be displayed in, links or banners.


It is a description of a work done in the areas of public relations, advertising, marketing and digital marketing, during or after its execution.


Churn equals cancellation: when a customer ceases the relationship with a company. Independently if it is by the adoption of a substitute product or a competing solution. The terminated contract passes through a clearing fee, a rate that indicates the exit of customers from the portfolio. It is important to manage churn through after-sales process.


An opportunity that a business opportunity becomes in relation (contract) and a formal relationship of value exchange, the lead happens to be a client. It should never be abandoned. This is an opportunity to ensure customer satisfaction through successful customer processes.

Closing Force

The closing force is made up of resources and tools for negotiation management and conversion itself. In a robust, results-oriented sales flow, it is common for resources intended exclusively for the conversion of opportunities to be targeted.


Name given to a strategy of association of the two major brands so that they can differentiate even more from the competition.

Competitive Advantage

A set of features that allow a company to differentiate itself from the competition by offering more value and no point of view of customers.


The performance of the desired action by the company on the part of the user.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of customers that performs the conversion you want. If the conversion rate for a Landing Page is 80%, it means that out of every 100 people who visited page 80 became Leads.


It’s the time limit for the delivery or completion of a task or project.

Edge Rank

A Facebook algorithm that determines the relevancy of page posts and consequently what appears in the news feed for each user on the network. Its classification is based on three factors: post format (link, video, image or text), affinity (number of previous interactions with the page), publication time (when smaller ones are the chances of appearing).

Evangelization (catechization)

Evangelizing is a term we naturally associate with religion. But when it comes to marketing and management, it's not very different. The process of catechizing involves educating a person about a particular subject (whether it is a service or even a concept) in order to achieve a result (conversion, engagement, etc.). This concept is applied: (i) leads - when we seek to educate a lead about a product or service in order to convert it into a customer. (ii) employees, when we need to engage in processes and in the corporate culture.

Farmer Sale

Farmer Sale is a type of sale characterized by long term trading. In this type of sale the seller "cultivates" the opportunity. This type of trading is more common for key accounts and leads with high bargaining power and in after-sales processes. It is not advisable to adopt this type of sale for low ticket leads, since it tends to inflate the CAC.


Gates represent the transitions between the different steps of a funnel. At each gate, leads that are not potential customers are discarded.

Growth Hacking

Coordinated actions as part of a collective effort toward a single goal: to grow / increase numbers. Growth hacker is the position fully focused on generating fast growth in customer acquisition. He interacts with different sectors of the company and tests to increase the customer base as effectively as possible.

Hunter Sale

A Hunter sale is an active selling process. It involves not only the active stance in prospecting and closing, but also tends to be more aggressive within the time frames set for conversion. It is the opposite of Farmer sales. However, both approaches can be used in a complementary way.

Inbound Marketing

Also known as Attraction Marketing. Inbound Marketing aims to attract leads through the development of relevant content and strategies in digital media

Inside sales

This type of sale is carried out without a face-to-face meeting, that is, the seller carries out the sale from within the company. Since the seller does not have to travel to meet with customers, this process can promote a reduction in CAC.


Key Performance Indicator (Key Performance Indicator) is used to measure results and progress based on specific goals. KPIs must be defined according to the ultimate objectives of the business; they are control metrics.

Key Account

The key accounts of a company are the customers with the highest billing or strategic value. They are characterized by long negotiation times and flexible conditions.

Landing Page

The gateway to a website. However, the term is often used to define a page created for a specific purpose, such as having the user fill out a form to earn a reward.


Person who left their information on a contact form, showing interest in a particular company. You are considered a potential customer in the initial stage of the sales funnel.

Content Marketing

It is based on attracting the interest of consumers by producing relevant and customized content for a particular target audience. It is one of the strategies used to get a potential customer to walk the sales funnel until, in fact, to realize the purchase.

Leads nutrition

An automation that allows the firing of a sequence of emails after the user performs certain action.

Lifetime Value (LTV)

Lifetime Value is a sales and marketing metric that estimates the profit that can be generated in the future through the relationship with a customer. The most effective way to administer a customer's LTV is through a well-structured after-sales process.

Market Growth Rate

A market growth rate that a business is placed over a period of time.

Market Share

The degree of participation of a brand within a specific market in terms of sales of a product or service.


Follow-up of a process after the execution of an initial stage.

Opening Force

The opening force is made up of resources and tools used to open opportunities. Traditionally, it is made up of the sellers themselves - after all, it is they who carry out prospecting and closing. Already the more sophisticated processes foresee the separation of these functions. When considering tools such as pre-sale and SDR, they promote an increase in conversion efficiency and greater assertiveness in trading.


We can consider any qualified lead an opportunity. It is important, however, that you ensure that the qualification criteria are consistent with the company's strategic objectives. You must confirm the accuracy of these criteria by accurate data.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing involves the opposite flow of Inbound marketing. In this modality, the prospection is active, since the company goes behind the lead and not the other way around. It is the type of prospecting best suited for complex sales. Although opposing the concept, the inbound and outbound can (and should!) Be worked together. Data collected during active prospecting processes - for example, advisory pre-sale - can feed the inbound giving direction to the content. Leads generated via inbound, in turn, can be qualified more accurately.


The number of page views for a site.


The time between an investment and the time when the profit generated equals the amount invested. Payback and ROI are not the same thing. ROI represents how much return (€) an investment generates, while the payback represents how long it takes to pay off and start generating profit.


Possible client, who in some way, has already shown interest in product or service.

Qualified Leads

The qualified lead achieves this status after undergoing further evaluation. This evaluation is usually based on the evaluator's perception and subjectivity. When you use filters that combine perception and exact data, the trend is for better results to be obtained.


An acronym for return on investment (Return on Investment) is a relationship between monetary gain or loss and investment in marketing efforts.


Monthly fixed amount, pre-negotiated as payment of the client by the agency for the provision of a monthly package of services.

Remarketing or retargeting

Displaying ads on different web pages after the user visits a particular site.


Acronym for Search Engine Marketing, which encompasses a number of marketing strategies in search


Acronym for Search Engine Optimization is the set of techniques and methods that make a website improve its positioning in search engines so that it reaches the first position in the results when a certain keyword is searched for. It is one of the strategies used in SEM.

Sales Funnel

Represented by an inverted pyramid that shows the different stages in which potential customers can meet during the sales process. Until you get to the purchasing process, customers can go through the following phases of the funnel: Discovery, Interest, Problem Recognition, Solution Search, Evaluation, and Purchase.


Separation of a database or a guide taking a predefined relationship, for example, an age or a profession.


An expression used to refer to a target audience.

Value proposition

A set of tangible and intangible benefits that are the most important companies for your needs.


Term used for marketing actions that spread quickly, usually on the internet.


Bonus is a bonus amount after you hit targets. Bonus is a reward for a collaborator's performance. It is also a way to encourage a team to achieve goals / objectives.

Web Analytics

The collection, analysis and measurement of data available on the Internet that aims to understand and improve user usability and the results of actions taken on the website and other digital channels.

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