Learn Workflow

When you spend all day editing text and refreshing the browser, it's always worth spending some time sharpening up your workflows so you can work more efficiently and confidently. With this workshops we've captured our best workflow and productivity tips to make leveling up easy.

Whether you’re working with Git for version control, using tmux to build a custom developer environment, or running complex shell scripts at the command line, we can help you move faster and automate more of your workflow

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Mastering Git

Got the basics of Git down? Master it in just a few hours with this course.


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It's time to take control of your terminal! This course teaches you about tmux's pane and window management, session management, copy-paste, and more. You might be surprised how quickly you can learn to use tmux effectively, and how much it can add to your everyday efficiency.

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Mastering the Shell

Regardless of language, learning the building blocks of the command line can improve your development experience in so many ways. Whether you're using Ruby or Haskell or anything else, shell scripting will increase your speed and efficiency!