360º Feedback

We want to keep evolving as a team and to make sure that we are on top of our game. This survey is to push ourselves to become better than we were yesterday. 

Please give as much information as you can this is a anonymous survey.

Is he/she hesitant to accept the decisions agreed by the group? *
In solving the day-to-day difficulties does he/she know how to expose needs and ask questions that help him/her? *
Does he/she accept divergent opinions of yours with ease and respect? *
Does he/she have time to listen to all the company's employees? *
Does it demonstrate autonomy to decide? *
Does he/she know how to manage the time to overcome his challenges? *
Is he/she organized? *
Is he/she confident? *
Does it use the new 2018 processes? *
Does it seek to help reduce expenses and waste? *
Is he/she willing to take risks? *
Is he/she willing to accept extra hours even knowing there will be no extra compensation? *
Does he/she give up easily at the first sign of difficulty? *
Does he/she take his own mistakes easily? *
Can he/she change his behavior so that personal mistakes cease to exist without the need for others? *
Does he/she know how to use the technology and resources of the company for the productivity of his work? *