Let’s build something that
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PICUS is a design and development consultancy that brings your
digital product ideas to life.



A curated resource center made with developers who aspire to build legendary digital products.


Experience and skills you need.

We've been producing top quality, user driven applications for dozens of clients, for over 5 years. From one person startups, international enterprises, universities and non-profits. This is our purpose, and here's what we can do for you.


Web Development
Ruby on Rails


Mobile Development


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Small teams. Big results.

You’ll be working with a small, dedicated team built to fit the needs of your project. Each team works on one project at a time to stay focused. We use tools like Trello, Slack and GitHub to communicate frequently.

How we like to work:

  • In small teams of two to four.
  • With consistent communication.
  • In weekly iterations of focused work.
  • Flexibly based on project needs.
  • At a sustainable pace.
  • Following our Playbook.